Collection: SCOUT Bags


Decades in the making, the “ah-ha moment” happened when Deb Waterman Johns—a seasoned fashion trend spotter and renowned fabric, pattern, and color thought leader—spotted a unique bag on Canal Street in NYC and a (very expensive) chic carryall bag in the window of a high-fashion store in Milan. She realized there was a need for stylish, functional tote bags at an affordable price point, accessible to all women, and she could be the one to fill it. SCOUT was born.

Since then, SCOUT has become a cult-classic, giving modern women of all ages the products they need to contain, organize, and carry all the stuff they—and their families—need to successfully navigate and celebrate their busy days and lives. As Deb likes to say: “Everyone has stuff, SCOUT gives them the best place to put it.”

All Scout featured products come with the NA logo EXCEPT for the Four Boys bag.