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Limited Edition Handpainted Ornament by Sarah Lytle '89

Limited Edition Handpainted Ornament by Sarah Lytle '89

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Featuring artwork from alumnus Sarah Beatty Lytle '89, this is unique gift for the whole family.

Sarah Lytle Art is the culmination of a long-held passion for art for its namesake Sarah Lytle. Since she was small, Sarah has always been fascinated with art. While at Norfolk Academy her art teacher, Leonette Adler, a talented local artist in her own right, encouraged Sarah’s natural curiosity and exploration of different mediums, including her interest in painting. In college at the University of Alabama, Sarah minored in studio art as a way to stay connected to her creativity.

Today, many of her evenings and weekends are spent in her studio working on commissioned art pieces from house portraits, to pet portraits, to cocktails, or anything that inspires her. She is always learning and discovering more about art, from different techniques to unusual mediums. She previously painted exclusively in oils, but has shifted 100% to watercolor.

Sarah created her company, Sarah Lytle Art, to share her talents with a wider audience, and also to capture what is near and dear to people’s hearts. To her, one of the most rewarding parts is seeing the joy her finished works brings her clients. In fact, it is what inspires her to continue painting. No matter the subject, Sarah strives to portray a balance of realism combined with a loose painterly style.

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